The George Nelson Bench Project

Project Alfa: The Piano Bench
Project Bravo: The Nelson Bench
Project Charlie: The Other Piano Bench
Project Delta: The Footstool
Project Echo: The Plant Stand
Project Foxtrot: The Spindled Bench
Project Golf: The Nelson Door
Project Hotel: The Square Coffee Table
Project India: The Wall Structure
Project Juliet: The Shoe Rack
Project Kilo: The Fence (proposed)
Project Lima: The Piano Bench, Part III (proposed and desperately needed)
Project Mike: The Headboard (not for sale)
Project November: The Six Foot Nelson Bench

This is an extensive tribute to the George Nelson Bench, which was first introduced in 1946 for Herman Miller. The picture below is from the Room and Board website: a fabulous example of an officially licensed place that sells Herman Miller / George Nelson reproductions.

While I do not intend to just build regular Nelson benches which are available through numerous retailers (both with Herman Miller's permission and without), I do intend to do a sort of theme and variations on the Nelson style. More to the point, each of my creations will have slats of some sort.

This will be a 26-part series, with 26 unique builds. Why 26? Because there are 26 letters in the alphabet and the designation system I chose utilizes the military letter system: Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, etc. Why this lettering system? Because it's cool.

All work is custom built to your specifications. While the projects pictured above and the projects linked to above are all possible creations for you, let your imagination run wild and propose something out there and wacky and unnaturally dimensioned and even without slats.

Every proposed build comes with free 3D Google SketchUp renderings. This way you can get a real feel for what the end product will look like, and sort of wrap your head around the concept. These drawings being 3D, it is then a literal wrap around.

To order something like the benches above, or to propose your own bench, send email to craigwoodworks (at) gmail (dot) com

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