George Nelson Bench: The 6 Footer

1. Customer wants 6 footer.
2. Carlo thinks, "Wow, those would be long pieces of maple."
3. Customer says, "Yes. And make two center supports instead of one."
4. Carlo thinks, "Hmm, okay."
5. Customer also says, "Make those center supports double the size of the end pieces."
6. Carlo thinks, "Hmm, then that would make this piece exactly the same as a real George Nelson six foot bench."
7. Customer says, "Exactly."
8. Done. Built. Shipped.
9. Do you want one too?
10. Send an email to craigwoodworks at gmail dot com.

Thank you. Good night.


Tiles in a Middle School Library

Months ago I received an email from a middle school librarian in Texas who wanted to order 19 of my large tiles. She was planning an art installation with my tiles in order to add life to a blank wall of the library. I worked up the pricing and the shipping on her desired letters, then promptly trashed those plans and decided to just donate them to the school.

Hey, I'm a sucker for kids and reading and libraries and scrabble and art, so why not?

Here's what the final installation looks like, complete with the librarian's clever way of incorporating the school's name with a few choice words of educational significance.

For more info about my tiles, check out my original tile post

If you'd like some tiles, please feel free to order them by sending me an email at craigwoodworks at gmail dot com. The 4" ones are $10 each and the 6" ones are $12 each.

On a related note, if you're a chemistry teacher and would like some oversized chemical elements as wall art, check these out. There's no free contest for those, so if you'd like to order a few then send me an email.