70 Balls

Abacus. Balls. 70 of them. The fun part was drilling the holes. 70 times. The longest continuous use of my drill press in quite some time.

Crate and Barrel sells something like this, but in metal. I don't do metal, although welding is something I'd like to pursue in the near future. Something about sparks and gas and molten metal and the potential for fire and explosions intrigues me.

Balls are unfinished/unpainted per customer request. She wants to paint them herself. Therefore the frame is disassemblable with screws and L-brackets.

Dimensions: 3 feet wide, almost 2 feet tall. 1 inch balls. 1/4 inch dowels.
Wood = pine. Stain = dark like my coffee.

Next up: another abacus; smaller; cherry wood frame; two sections so it looks like a Chinese abacus with five balls in the lower and two balls in the upper; seven columns; pretty joinery. What's the plural of abacus? Abaci?