Large wooden squares that have letters on them

Just in time for Christmas, my custom made wall hangings made of large wooden squares that happen to have letters on them and arranged in such a way that words, family names, and other things you can think of criss cross in a clever fashion.

Note that the sample picture does not have any numbers associated with the letters. Those numbers are completely optional (but highly recommended). Be sure to insist on the addition of numbers when you order.

NOTE: Each wall hanging is custom made and requires two weeks for construction.

For one price of $225, you'll get your choice of letters with a total letter count of between 17 and 24. Any more than 24 or any less than 17, I'll create a custom listing for you.

Price includes UPS Ground shipping to any US mainland location. Orders must be completed by Cyber Monday, 11/28/11 to ensure shipping on 12/15/11. With UPS Ground max ship time of 5 days, this should arrive by 12/21/11 and in time for Christmas.

Actual dimensions of each square:
Width: 3 1/2 inches
Height: 4 inches
Thickness: 3/4 inches

Hardware is included on the rear that pre-connects the whole thing. It then can be hung on your wall with only two screw attachment points.

Email me at craigwoodworks at gmail dot com if you'd like to order.

If your intention is to give this as a Christmas gift, you must order by Cyber Monday, 11/28/11.


Encyclopaedia Brittanica

Now for something un-wood related:

The iPad needed a home.
I had a stack of unwanted encyclopedias.
I have a thing for ModPodge.

Combine. Let dry. Insert iPad.

Version 2 coming soon which will incorporate some sort of velcro closure so the iPad doesn't fall out.


Chairs, Bacharach, Blue Devils

I saw a drum corps show last month and the Devils did a Burt Bacharach show. A house is not a home, a chair is still a chair, etc. Fantastic. Then I remembered that a while back I was messing with creating full page ads for CraigWoodWorks. This was one of them.