About Me

I've been woodworking since 1999 and have been producing a variety of furniture pieces off and on since then. After a rather extended recent wood hiatus and relocation to a new house, I've created a new and improved shop space inside our two-car garage and have embarked on a furniture odyssey with a different twist.

This twist will center around producing pieces that have a distinctly Mid-Century Modern feel. Blame my wife for this twist since she's the one who has had an infatuation with Mid-Century modernist styles, including furniture, decor and the upcoming total redesign of our house. A few of her favorite words she likes to throw around that have also struck a chord with me: Eichler, Eames, Saarinen and Wikkelso.

Some of my pieces will be as close to reproductions as I can muster, given just a photo. Others of my pieces will be inspired by original designs. And still others will be complete originals that in my eye will have some hint of the 40's/50's/60's vibe.

I do not work from plans. I draw up everything on paper or work up everything using Google SketchUp.

Everything I make will be made for sale. This might cause some friction in the household because some pieces will be created with a specific purpose and for a specific place in our house. But I think I'll list everything anyway, 'cause I can always make another one if need be.

While my current listings are the ones that are physically available and for purchase immediately, anything you desire can be created. Scratch that. Anything you desire can be created, so long as it fits within the design feel of mid-century modern.

Drop me an email if you have questions or would like to discuss the creation of a piece. All proposals, estimates and preliminary drawings are available free of charge.

Current items for sale can be found here. Email to craigwoodworks@gmail.com for purchase information. Delivery available to anywhere in the US. Or free delivery if you live in Southern California.