Better Learn Balance

Better learn balance. Balance is key. Balance good.

Customer wanted a solid wood balance scale for her child. Sturdy, bullet proof, no plastic. Okay.

Maple construction. Through tenon into the base. Friction fit dowel fulcrum. Mineral oil/beeswax finish.

Note the green painted Stanley 5 1/2 in the lower right. Original owner painted the whole thing a minty fresh green. I still haven't stripped it and cleaned it, but I'm certain there's goodly sweetheart era 5 1/2 under there with perfectly preserved rosewood handle and tote.

Yes, that's a Microplane cheesegrater/zester in the back. I wondered one day if a cheesegrater microplane is the same as a wood rasp microplane. The answer is yes. Perfect for hogging off a lot of wood quickly. On sale. Williams Sonoma outlet. Nevada/California border stores on the way to Vegas.

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