The Chemical Elements as Wood Tiles

And now for something a little bit out there, a little bit geeky, a little bit fun, and a little bit of a word game.

Chemical elements as wood tiles! Put together in such a way as to spell out your name! Or spell out a word! Or spell out anything you can think of that fits the criteria!

This was an idea from a customer of mine who wanted wood tiles to embed into a bar top with random chemical elements on them. I took it one further and wanted to make them NOT random, i.e., why not spell something out?

I did a little googling and there's a guy out there that listed every word in the English dictionary that can be spelled using the symbols of chemical elements. There were something like 50,000 words in his list. Wow.

I could do words, I could do names, I could do names plus words. Or I could do a tile or tiles simply because you have a special attachment to a certain element.

Tiles are $12 each.

These are 7 1/2 inches square and are made from 1/2 inch thick birch plywood. The symbol is hand routed and hand painted black. The atomic number, atomic weight and element name are toner transferred and inked in black. The tiles are then coated in a water based poly.

What words/names can you spell with the elements? That's up to you to figure out. I'll provide a list below with all the symbols to help you out. 

Email me (craigwoodworks at gmail dot com) and indicate the quantity of tiles you'd like, which symbols you'd like, and allow one week for construction.

Ac Actinium
Ag Silver
Al Aluminium (Aluminum)
Am Americium
Ar Argon
As Arsenic
At Astatine
Au Gold
B Boron
Ba Barium
Be Beryllium
Bh Bohrium
Bi Bismuth
Bk Berkelium
Br Bromine
C Carbon
Ca Calcium
Cd Cadmium
Ce Cerium
Cf Californium
Cl Chlorine
Cm Curium
Cn Copernicium
Co Cobalt
Cr Chromium
Cs Caesium (Cesium)
Cu Copper
Db Dubnium
Ds Darmstadtium
Dy Dysprosium
Er Erbium
Es Einsteinium
Eu Europium
F Fluorine
Fe Iron
Fm Fermium
Fr Francium
Ga Gallium
Gd Gadolinium
Ge Germanium
H Hydrogen
He Helium
Hf Hafnium
Hg Mercury
Ho Holmium
Hs Hassium
I Iodine
In Indium
Ir Iridium
K Potassium (Kalium)
Kr Krypton
La Lanthanum
Li Lithium
Lr Lawrencium
Lu Lutetium
Md Mendelevium
Mg Magnesium
Mn Manganese
Mo Molybdenum
Mt Meitnerium
N Nitrogen
Na Sodium
Nb Niobium
Nd Neodymium
Ne Neon
Ni Nickel
No Nobelium
Np Neptunium
O Oxygen
Os Osmium
P Phosphorus
Pa Protactinium
Pb Lead
Pd Palladium
Pm Promethium
Po Polonium
Pr Praseodymium
Pt Platinum
Pu Plutonium
Ra Radium
Rb Rubidium
Re Rhenium
Rf Rutherfordium
Rg Roentgenium
Rh Rhodium
Rn Radon
Ru Ruthenium
S Sulfur (Sulphur)
Sb Antimony
Sc Scandium
Se Selenium
Sg Seaborgium
Si Silicon
Sm Samarium
Sn Tin
Sr Strontium
Ta Tantalum
Tb Terbium
Tc Technetium
Te Tellurium
Th Thorium
Ti Titanium
Tl Thallium
Tm Thulium
U Uranium
Uuh Ununhexium
Uuo Ununoctium
Uup Ununpentium
Uuq Ununquadium
Uus Ununseptium
Uut Ununtrium
V Vanadium
W Tungsten
Xe Xenon
Y Yttrium
Yb Ytterbium
Zn Zinc
Zr Zirconium

Shipping is $5 for the first tile, plus $1 for each additional tile.

If perchance you are a crazy periodic table person who wants ALL 118 of the elements as wood tiles, that'll be $1,180. A savings of $2 per tile. Please allow one month for creation of these 118 tiles. Send an email for details. craigwoodworks at gmail dot com.

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