The Secretary Desk

Finally, pics of the finished product. The customer took delivery in December and somehow I forgot to take pictures of it both when it was finished in the shop and when it was sitting in its final resting place in the living room. Over this past weekend, I went back to have a visit and snapped these photos:

In the lid closed and everything tucked away position.

Cuts were made from long horizontal boards so the grain matches on adjoining drawer fronts. The large drawer on the lower left contains a vertical file hanging system.

Dovetailed fronts.

Drawers (again).

Dropdown hardware. These pieces from Rockler have an adjustable brake control to reign in the speed of the dropdown action. This way it won't just slam down when you open it. Also, a magnetic catch secures the desk in the upright position.

The lived-in look. While a laptop is currently being used in this space, the opening is large enough to accommodate an iMac if the customer so desires in the future. The intention here is to pull out the laptop onto the desk portion when in use. Note also the cubbyhole shelving on the right - these are sized to fit standard 8.5x11 sheets of paper.

Drawer hardware detail.

And finally, the desk paired with a cool chair. Hiding in the back is a Nelson bench!

Construction notes: Solid cherry case and drawers. Plywood exceptions: drawer bottoms, case back, upper shelves. Dropdown hardware from Rockler. Brushed nickel drawer pulls. Dimensions? Approx 4' tall, 3' wide, 2' deep.
Price: Sold.
To discuss ideas for your own secretary desk, please send an email to craigwoodworks at gmail dot com.

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