The Magic of SketchUp

Seeing as how all work is custom built to your specifications, it's important that you have a proper visualization of what the finished product will look like. Enter SketchUp. From Google.

The secretary desk completed last year is a perfect example of this visualization process. The customer told me what he wanted; I sketched up some stuff; we went back and forth with ideas; changes, tweaks, mods, additions, deletions, etc; and out came a 3D SketchUp model with a bunch of views; here are just a few:

Compared to the finished photos below, I'd say the renderings are a pretty accurate predictor of what you'll get in real life:

What makes this process work so well is that within SketchUp all parts of the piece are broken out into separate drawings. Therefore, relative scale and proportion is maintained throughout the piece, and all dimensions proposed are the actual finished dimensions.

If you have an idea in mind for a piece of furniture that you've been dying to have custom built for you, let me know. SketchUp drawings will be provided free of charge.

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